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28th November 2009 marked a red letter day for the Society with our Lambasted BlueSpot Cider being sold at our very first outlet - the Muntjac Pub in Harrold, Bedfordshire.

This cider is long gone and although we would love to sell as much of our cider as possible, we are just a small group and this wholesale production is now all sold-out. However, we always keep some back for supplying to special one-off events, so don't forget to look at The Fun section to see what other events our Cider will be sold at.

Any feedback is good feedback, so why not give it a try and let us know what you think.



Without a certain amount of equipment and somewhere to work, making reasonable quantities of cider would be pretty difficult. The following are our most important.


The society has a very old, probably Italian made, large Fruit Press constructed from steel with a locking oak cage. Blocks of oak are placed on top of the pulp and juice is extracted by downward pressure exerted via a central spindle with a rachet.

When pressing larger quantities a traditional hydraulic 'cheese style' press is used. Demonstrations of our Press can be seen at the Bromham Apple Day event.


Known fondly to us as 'The Beast' the Shredder is also Italian made but this time by Ferrari (no honestly) hence it's bright red fly wheel!

The object of shredding apples or 'macerating' to use its technical term, is to crush them sufficiently to release the juice and boost the efficency of the press.


The Orchard was planted as a long term project to secure a reliable supply of apples for our cider making activities.

We have split the planting between traditional cider apples, Dabinett, Tom Putt, Kingston Black and local Bedfordshire varieties, Laxtons Superb, Laxtons Triumph, Laxtons Royalty, Lord Lambourne and Bedfordshire Foundling.


The Bottle Filler is now a three bottle Vigo system. Deceptively simple, it fills three bottles simply by hooking them between the shelf and the nozzles.

Cider fills the reserviour at the top and the bottle fill level is calibrated by the shelf height and adding/removing washers.

Works like a charm!


Another record year for cider production with a grand total of 1000, yes 1000 Litres produced. Not at all bad for a small group like ours.

As can be seen in the chart above, from small beginnings we have had a pretty steady growth in volume over the years.


Our cider begins its life with the juice first spending a considerable amount of time in large barrels until the initial fermenation subsides.

Once ready, it is racked off into smaller plastic barrels for storage and at this stage is can be blended or decanted into bottles.

Cider 2012

A very worrying moment for the Brew Meister's is the first time that the lid is removed from the years cider after months of fermenting.

The verdict? "Needs a bit longer, but pretty good"

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