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The Mission

It’s a tough job building on the success of those fund raising pioneers the 'Goodmayes Round Table'. They not only created the machine back in 1975, but also rode it for its incredible inaugural journey from London to Hamburg. However, the Harrold Calvados Society has risen to the challenge!

Kindly loaned to us by the Letchworth Round Table, the team rode the monster through some of Bedfordshire’s most challenging and demanding roads on the 27th April 2013 at the Harrold Pit Run to raise money for the Stroke Association.

The Route

Don’t underestimate the challenge! Anyone who has driven this route knows how treacherous it can be and the team completed it in a very impressive time.

The training regime proved to be extremely effective and ensured the team were in the peak of physical fitness in time for the event.

Distance: 7.14 miles, Total Ascent: 127.95 ft, Max Elevation: 229.66 ft

The Route

How Can You Support Us?

This fund raiser has now closed and was a real success! Many thanks as always to everyone who sponsered the team both on the day and well in advance via JustGiving.

The Machine

  • History:
    Created in 1975 by the Goodmayes Round Table and rebuilt by Dave Mortimer and his team in 2011.

  • Classification:
    Six Seater Tandem or Hexacycle

  • Special Features:
    BMW Suspension

  • Number of Seats:

  • Turning Circle:
    9.9 metres

  • Wheel Base:
    4.6 metres

  • Weight:
    Very very heavy!

  • Length:
    Over 5 metres